Real Capture Canvas is now a FREE product. The code for standard and pro versions is unlocked and free for you to use in your REALbasic projects and applications.

The following stipulations apply:
(1) You may NOT repackage this source code and sell it (although it is fine to use the code in your own applications)

(2) We no longer offer support for REAL Capture Canvas.


Real Capture Canvas Standard

Download Standard and Pro
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Perfect for beginners and advanced users alike, Real Capture Canvas has the features you need to get started quickly with video and audio capture in REALbasic. The standard version has beginner features such as capture and preview, and advanced features like remote device control.

Real Capture Canvas Pro

Download Standard and Pro
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Real Capture Canvas Pro takes REALbasic video capture to the next level. For advanced projects, RCC Pro offers exciting extras like fast still grabs, video overlays, and capture.


FeatureReal Capture CanvasReal Capture Canvas Pro
Video PreviewXX
Audio PreviewXX
Video Capture to QuickTime MOVXX
Audio Capture with or without videoXX
IIDC Manual Settings X
Show Video and Audio SettingsXX
Control DV Devices Remotely via AVCXX
Query AVC Device StateXX
Grab Video StillsXX
Grab Video Stills (High Speed Grabs with Video Overlays) X
Video Preview Overlays X
Adjust Analog Video SettingsXX
Compiler: Mac OS X MachO XX
Compiler: Mac OS X PEF CarbonXX
Compiler: Mac OS X Intel/Universal BinaryXX
Price (Source License - Includes Unlocked Source Code)FREEFREE
Requires QuickTime 7 and REALbasic 2006r3 or newer.
Intel and Universal Binary builds require REALbasic 2006r4 or newer